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Love Never Dies

Welcome to guyxmarian, a livejournal community dedicated to the pairing of Guy of Gisborne and Marian of Knighton from BBC's Robin Hood! This community was created for all fans of the pairing as a place for discussion and also to post fiction, icons, and works of fan art. Your creator and maintainer is inabsentialuci. Her co-mods are hulamoth and lalumena.


♥ First and foremost, this is a flame free community! Rudeness, aggression, and hurtful comments will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to contact the mods with any concerns, as flaming will not under any circumstances be tolerated. Hateful comments will be deleted and the user warned. If the problem persists, the user will be blocked. Take the drama llama elsewhere; we have no need of him.
♥ You must be a member of the community to post. Also, anonymous commenting has been disabled.
♥ Fiction of all ratings is welcome, but anything with a rating of R or higher must be hosted off site and linked.
♥ Fiction is to be rated using the MPAA standard, which you can find here.
♥ All fiction must include a standard header outside of the cut/link. The html for a sample header can be found here.
♥ All fiction, posts of more than three icons, fanvideos, and fanmixes must be placed under a cut or linked.
♥ Tags are this community's method of organization. Please make sure to tag all of your entries, using existing tags when applicable. If you need a new tag, please contact a mod.
♥ If you have ANY questions, concerns, or problems, do not hesitate to contact a mod!

Information & Links

Fic and icon prompts: here
Suggestion Box: here
Intro Post: here
Screen caps: Seeking for Redemption
Contact the mod: here
Mods' e-mail: guyxmarian_mods@livejournal.com


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Never Enough: A Guy & Marian Fanlisting

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Robin Hood, its characters, and its settings are property of their creators, writers, and producers, including but not limited to BBC, Tiger Aspect, Dominic Minghella, Foz Allan, Nick Pitt, Simon J. Ashford, Jason Sutton, Julian Unthank, Debbie Oates, Rob Heyland, Julian Jones, Richard Stoneman, John Fray, Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle, Paul Cornell, Mark Wadlow, and Joe Turner. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is being made either by the owner of this community or by its members.

Community mood theme: midnightdream__ at aftersix_art
Userinfo coding: mya_desgn
Community created by inabsentialuci and moderated by inabsentialuci, hulamoth, and lalumena.

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